In June 2005, 200 students in an E. Brunswick, New Jersey middle school met with eight survivors of the Holocaust. The students were divided into eight groups of 25, each of which was assigned to one survivor. With the goal of obtaining oral histories, JEMGLO staff helped the students prepare interview questions that were addressed to the survivors. The students also catalogued photos and Holocaust memorabilia, wrote poetry, and created scrapbooks reflective of their reactions. The entire series of events was videotaped by E. Brunswick High School students in the video production class, supervised by another JEMGLO staff member. Subsequently JEMGLO was asked to edit the footage into a 30-minute program to use as the introduction to Holocaust education in the district. JEMGLO worked in conjunction with these educators to produce We Are Your Voice. The program was written into a new course called "Genocide in the Modern World," was aired on the local cable TV channel, was utilized in the Kean University diversity program, and was shared with other teachers in NJ through a Social Studies Tool Grant. 2007