Documentaries are educational and often produced with the goal of creating sparks of social change that will ripple around the world.

Yet there is no ROI measurement other than anecdotes upon which we stumble quite accidentally that nevertheless give us the impetus to keep moving to the next project. Here are a few random examples:

A JEMGLO documentary and a JEMGLO trailer are utilized in public school curricula about the Holocaust, teaching lessons of "never again" and how to foster peace.

Another JEMGLO documentary is used as a starting point to give children in Hebrew schools across the country ideas for social action projects.

Several documentaries about different aspects of the rebirth of Jewish life in Poland have played a role in giving recognition and aid to that community.

Clips from a JEMGLO documentary about the mass murders of Kosovar Albanians were used in Congressional hearings.

More Fair Trade coffee is purchased as a result of awareness of the issue of fair wages for farmers emphasized in a JEMGLO documentary.

Over the years JEMGLO productions have been seen by millions of viewers collectively, so other ways they have effected change undoubtedly continue to flow through the world, even if we have no way of identifying cause and effect.