JEMGLO was born in 1996 with the dream
to create a documentary on a subject that was the passion of former attorney-turned newspaper reporter Ellen Friedland. Partnering with cinematographer/editor Curt Fissel, they formed JEMGLO as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and produced Poland: Creating a New Jewish Heritage, concentrating on the then-emerging stories of the rebirth of Jewish life in Poland. Their first effort met with a good deal of success: It was picked up by American Public Television and syndicated to a number of PBS stations across the US. That sparked documentary number two, then three, then four, then more. With each production, the success multiplied in terms of audiences, awards received, and most significantly, ripples of impact.

To date JEMGLO has produced

  • > 4 hour-long documentaries
  • > 4 half-hour documentaries
  • > 2 forty-minute documentaries
  • > 1 half-hour documentary for a high school curriculum
  • > 1 five minute documentary
  • > Short video clips

JEMGLO documentaries generally focus on worldwide issues related to Jewish culture and values. Topics also focus on environmental themes.

Some of JEMGLO's projects are self-generated and others are collaborative projects with folks seeking documentary professionals to bring collective interests to the screen.